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1 Pelajar SPH Positif Corona, Semua Murid Sekolah Online di Rumah

Jakarta, eBahana

Virus Corona atau yang lebih dikenal Covid-19 kini telah memasuki wilayah Indonesia. Banyak warga Indonesia yang sudah bersiap untuk menangkal virus tersebut agar tidak menjangkiti dirinya maupun keluarganya.

Kini dikabarkan bahwa salah satu pelajar Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) sudah terkena virus corona. Pelajar itu dievaluasi ke Rumah Sakit Siloam dan dinyatakan positif terkena virus corona.

Surat resmi SPH sudah keluar dan beredar, seluruh murid SPH beserta guru-gurunya dirumahkan. Murid-murid ‘sekolah online’ dan guru-gurunya ‘kerja online’ dari rumah.

Berikut isi surat resmi dari SPH.


Transition to Home Learning 

March 10, 2020

Dear Parents,

SPH leaders met all day today to review the COVID-19 situation in Indonesia. Due to the global spread of the virus and the uncertainty of the situation, we have determined that immediate action is necessary to ensure the health of our community. We will implement a temporary transition to home learning, which we are very confident is the right next step.

This is not an alarmist response, but a prudent move, done soon before we have any cases of COVID-19in out community. We can confirm that we know of none and suspect none at this time.

Transition Calendar

  • Wednesdar, March 11   Tomorrow is the last day of on-campus classes.
  • Thursdat, March 12  Teachers will finalize their home learning plans.
  • Friday, March 13  We will introduce home learning and review technology tools.
  • Monday, March 14  Home learning will begin.


We hope to reopen on Monday, April 6. By April 1 at the latest, we will either confirm thanplan or announce an additional delay, depending on how the virus spreads over he coming weeks.

Activities and Events

  • All extra-curriculars, sports, adn Pelita Harapan Clubs will stop after today.
  • UN, IBDP exams, and IGCSE exams will proceed.
  • IB, mock, exams and Visual Arts exhibitions will proceed.
  • All events presently planned for April are now tentative.

Travel History

Before we reopen, every parent will need to fill out a new travel form and confirm that all family members are healthy.

If any of your familt is diagnosed with COVID-19, it is essential that you contact your school principal. It would be important for other parents to know; we will not reveal names and will ensure confidentiality.

Home Learning

Tomorrow morning I will share guidance with you about home learning. We have a range of excellent software that we will be using, and some guiding principles that we believe will maintain the continuity of learning.

Matthew Mann

Coordinator SPH Schools.\


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